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Flow X TC Spec

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Flow X TC Spec

- LRP’s exclusive Customized Super FETs (CSF-01) for highest power output and efficiency
- Heavy duty 2.8mm 8-layer power board for minimum resistance and lowest core temperatures
- IFMAR Worlds winning v4.1 software specialized for touring car racing
- Bulletproof 6V/6A BEC for the most reliable power output
- Full aluminium case in exclusive state of the art design

- All new power & logic board hardware
- Customized LRP cooling plates
- Lowest internal core temperature
- Black super flexible WorksTeam customized power wires
- Black short receiver wire
- Selected hardware components
- Low profile case design with improved air-flow
- Easy solder system
- Dust and waterproof buttons (IP68)
- v4.1 touring car onroad software for Modified and Stock classes incl. Boost 0
- Multi-mode power profile adjustment & new MPS4 protection system
- Special new brakes types BDX10 and BDX20 made especially for the FLOW X for the most consistent and powerful braking in every condition
- New electronic timing algorithm for smooth and yet extreme power gains
- Timing delay feature for smoothest throttle control
- Optimized internal adjustments of the microcontroller parameters for faster response and consistent running
- Optimized Protection levels with precision temperature readout
- Tested in hardest race conditions
- 100% LRP quality approved with sophisticated functional and electrical test incl. drive simulation

- Flow X TC spec ESC
- Installation manual & Software guide
- 30x30x7mm fan
- 4x short and 4x long lightweight blue alum. fan screws
- LRP sticker sheet
- 100mm Hall sensor wire
- 40x40mm double-sided tape